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Asantae Review- Is Asantae Your Heartshot To Success In MLM?

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AsantaeInside this third party Asantae review I am simple going to give you the knowledge to empower you to make an educated decision about whether or not this business opportunity is for you.

With all the scams and tricks that have evolved with the advent of the internet it is relatively easy to get wrapped up in a opportunity or business venture that is a 2nd rate, where you may never even recoup the cost of joining.

So what exactly is this Asantae mlm business opportunity all about anyway?

Asantae has a relatively small product line that packs quite a punch in the marketing place. Their best seller being the Heartshot which is simply a “scientific blend of Omega 3, CLA and Antioxidants.” Which means that is it loaded with a “stuff” that will make your body healthier and less prone to disease.

The reason that I used the term “stuff” is that the majority of people who are going to join this opportunity are coming in as business builders who are looking to make an income. Everyone has seen company after company tell them that they have the best product, the best compensation plan, the most experienced leadership so spitting out company statistics and product ingredients in going to go in one ear and out the other.

If you truly want to be successful in this industry you have to understand that people don’t join businesses, people join people. People are looking for a solution to their problems and for most , the super ingredients that are in your product are not the solution to their problem. You have to be the solution. You have to be one can guide them down the path of success in this business opportunity.

As I did my research to write this Asantae review, I really wanted to share with you the REAL truth about what it takes to be successful. Over the past eighteen months in this industry, I have seen companies come and go, I have watched people spend their life savings to try and build their dream and fall flat on their backs with nothing.

The Asantae mlm opportunity in my opinion has created a product line, compensation plan and has the leadership in place to truly bring a great opportunity to the lives of many people. Regardless though of how powerful this opportunity is, success really comes down to how bad you actually want it and if you are willing to do the work to get to the top.

It is no secret that the failure rate of this industry is hovering around 97%, and that is across the board with every company. (Asantae the same) So with the odds stacked against you and a 97% chance that you are going to fail, what is it that is going to help you rise to the cream of the crop and become that three percent that actually make it in this industry.

It really boils down to three simple things.

1. Technology
2. A Marketing System
3. Proper training

As simple as those three things sound, most don’t realize that this is a multi-level MARKETING business. If you do not have a marketing system that gives you proper training on how to leverage technology you are going to be stuck turning your wheels until you finally decide that this industry is not for you and quit.

The “old school” way are building a business by doing home meeting, passing out expensive flyers and doing hotel meeting are dead. If you want success without spending a fortune and the next 10 years working your tail off, then you need to get with the picture and learn how these three things fit together.

Now that you have read this Asantae review, you have the basic knowledge of what it really takes to be successful in Asantae or any other mlm company in the industry if you choose to be.

Jeff Mitchell

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