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DoTerra Review- Is doTerra a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

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With the economy of the average person seeming to be going bust, more and more people are going to the internet searching for an opportunity to make a little bit to a full time income at home. Through all the hoop-la and million dollar ideas it is hard for the untrained eye to distinguish a scam or a legitimate business opportunity.

In this doTerra Review I am going to expose the inner workings of this company from the product all the way to the leadership team that has brought this business to the market place. It is my goal to educate you about doTerra so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not doTerra is the right mlm business opportunity for you to get involved with.

First things first. I am in no way associated with this product or this opportunity, I am only providing you with this review for educational and with hopes that you will be able make the right decision.

The Product- The main product line of doTerra is their essential oils, if you are not familiar with essential oils they are simply an oil that is created from the natural compounds of seeds, bark, stems, roots and the flowers of plants. Essential oils are used in a few different ways, applied to the skin, taken as a suppliment and diffused to provide aromatherapy.

The benefits of essential oils have been around for hundreds even thousands of years. They can potentially provide relief from tension, stress or just add to the relaxation state of the body. The power of essential oils stretches beyond the packaged goods, it is similar to the fresh alive feeling that you feel taking a walk through the forest. Relaxed, open and natural.

The Leadership- Throughout my research for this doTerra review, I failed to find any negative feedback about the leadership that is brining this company to the marketplace. The top executives of this company appear to have very sound backgrounds and I have found no evidence to believe that they have been in any previous business ventures that have been regarded as “scams”

The Opportunity- The business opportunity that is tied into the doTerra company is a simple MLM (multi-level marketing) business that is similar to Mary Kay and Avon. You receive commissions by the volume of product that you sell and receive commission from all the reps that you personally sponsor into the business. At a $50.00 price point for the entry fee, it is virtually in reach for anyone looking to get started in a home business.

The Training- I have been in this industry for quite a while now and I have had the opportunities of taking part in a couple different opportunities. Although there is no mention of how this opportunity trains their new consultants, I can almost guarantee that they are going to have you talk to your friends and family, host home parties and hand out fliers and buy leads.

All of those things will work, but who has the time to run around posting fliers (this is supposed to be a home business), who really wants to invite complete strangers into their homes and really most of the people in your family have no desire for this product or the opportunity.

The power to building a business today lies in technology, the internet and marketing systems. Us leaders in this industry are utilizing this technology to generate endless amounts of leads for our business, sponsor endless amounts of new distributors and get the prospects that join their business to pay them. This is the only way that I do business and this is the only way that I coach others to do business.

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